A magnificent journey to Ethiopia, via Leeds and Manchester. Hercules Production of Rasta Liv is more than theatre.

In this enthralling one-man show, Marcus Hercules takes the audience in the palm of his hands and manages to transport them around the globe on a multimedia journey that tells the story of his Family and his Father as they encounter the racism of the 70’s to find peace in football and his spiritual homeland.

The story follows Hercules’ father’s journey from 1957 St Kitts to 2013 Ethiopia, via Leeds and Manchester in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

To say Marcus inhabits the space is an understatement. He lives, breathes and seems to look you right in the eye as he exhorts his love of his family, and the journey he takes you on. There were moments when I was standing on a football pitch in Ethiopia with Markus, so enthralled I was and so immersed I’d become.

On the way, via stills, audio and video showing family and friends, Markus tells Ellis’ story with real passion and devotion. The show is not overly long and yet packs in so much in the way of storytelling.

Rasta Liv is currently on tour and is well worth making the trip to see. You will come away educated and in a much nicer place than when you entered the theatre.

5*/5 a real “must-see” piece of theatre.


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