Vertigo Theatre Productions. Beyond the Fringe?

Vertigo Theatre productions are uprooting from Manchester to London. In the 13 years since Craig Hepworth and Karl Burge launched themselves onto the Manchester fringe scene, they have been partly responsible for dragging fringe out of the darkness and into the mainstream with their imaginative set designs and deft direction. When their first show, 3Sum, […]

Shelagh takes a Bow

Over the weekend that would have seen Shelagh Delaney celebrate her birthday, Salford Arts theatre celebrated her birthday with the fifth annual #BeInspired Shelagh Delaney weekend. Beginning on Saturday the 23rd November with six new plays by local writers and a showing of the film “Charlie Bubbles” which Delaney wrote the screenplay for and starred […]


Good theatre should make you think, and at times shock and surprise its audience. Since 2007, Vertigo Productions have been doing just that time and time again. With their final Manchester show, they have certainly managed to go out on a high. EXAM is based on the 2009 Stuart Hazeldine film of the same name […]

Salford theatre continues Shelaghs legacy

Salfords Shelagh Delaney day is now five years old. In those years, it’s grown from a screening of her most famous work at Eccles town hall into a weekend of events staged at the Salford Arts Theatre in the city of her birth. Beginning on Saturday the 23rd November with an evening of new writing, […]

THEATRE REVIEW: Rasta Liv @ Salford Arts Theatre.

A magnificent journey to Ethiopia, via Leeds and Manchester. Hercules Production of Rasta Liv is more than theatre. In this enthralling one-man show, Marcus Hercules takes the audience in the palm of his hands and manages to transport them around the globe on a multimedia journey that tells the story of his Family and his […]