And welcome to this new site, dedicated to all things folk music and fringe arts.

Over the coming months, this site will give you a flavour of what is going on in the UK folk music scene as well as the Greater Manchester fringe theatre.

My aim?

Simple. To show you a world you may only have heard about, both musically and theatrically. I will be visiting festivals, interviewing artists and reviewing shows and gigs from across the wide spectrum of British folk music and fringe arts.

From the legacy of Ewan MacColl, the 20th Musicport festival in Whitby to the vaults of the Kings Arms in Salford, this site will aim to showcase the best that this diverse and fascinating world has to offer.

Who am I? My name is Andrew Riley, and I’m a fan of all things related to folk music and fringe arts. I’ve interviewed people like Eliza Carthy, Kate Rusby and up and coming young writer Libby Hall.

My aim on this site is to show you as much multimedia content as possible, be that video from festivals or audio interviews with acts and writers.

Got a gig in Greater Manchester that you want reviewing? A new single due for release? A play at a local theatre?

You’ll also get reviews and news from both the music and theatre worlds.

Please feel free to contact me using the form below.


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